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It’s Time to Resign..

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I wrote the title of this post 3 years ago. 3 years gone, here I am, on the same page of the book of my life, writing the content of the same post. Deja-Vu! Let me rewind and show you how I penned the title, but never completed the writing.

Like any other youth I was bored of my job. It sucked to go and burn my ass off doing some work which I did not fancy doing, at all. All my friends were getting out too, I said good bye to all of my friends, I started to feel more lonely. At the same time, I got kicked out of several interviews. I was gloomy. Then, one fine day I decided to quit it anyways. I had no plan or strategy, the only thing I knew, I didn’t want to go that desk of mine, I knew it was time. That was the day when I wrote the title. But, then something happened, out of the blue, I got a different role. A 180degree change in my work life. And, I never got to write the content part of the post.

It feels like I’m breathing the same air. I have started hating this chair, kicked out of many interviews, have no future plans. The thought of being at home doing nothing itches me every second of the day. But, it’s time again! So here I am, writing the post. I have a fear that this time the post will be completed. A part of me is waiting that the silver lining will be there again. But, as far as I see, I am at the end of the post and still in resignation state.