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The Day when I lost the Bet…But I won something…….someone.

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Only If I had not got the letter. If had not held that letter in my hand. If I had not felt that rough texture, as a sand Paper, of the letter. If I had not seen the messy and shaky writing in the letter, as if every alphabet is dancing on a rhythm. If I had not read the words, so explicit of the infatuation. If I had not seen his statuesque attitude. Only If I had not lost the bet. I would have not known him, my husband.

I met him by chance. But looking back, It seems Destiny. The warm summer day just when I lost the bet to my friend and was contemplating my loss, completing her homework, while she was out partying, I saw him at the door. His strong arms like they could lift any burden of life. The bright eyes had love and compassion. The broad shoulder made me wonder what was beneath that t-shirt which was perfectly fitting on him. I never knew I was loosing bet for this, I would love to loose bet again and again. All these thoughts came so quick that I forgot, I dint know him. I was just looking and I saw his hand waving, when I realized, he was asking for my friend. I pulled myself together and took the letter which was for my friend. I should have not read it, but I read every word of it. I read it again and imagined my name in the letter.

This was a start, start to something that I knew will last life long. And, yes, It happened. The thing which started by delivering that letter with some one’s else’s name in it, but ended with the vows with my name in them. I’m happy, I lost the bet that day. I’m happy, he came to deliver the letter that day, so what it was not for me. It does’t matter any more.

For Him….

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It’s the passion and obsession of love,

that his tender touch, makes me tremble.

I can see myself in his eyes.

The eyes which have always reminded me

that he has been with me, by my side;

that we have a selfless bond, that could never die.

His eyes were on me the first day we met;

they have seen all, that we haven’t even said.

Its him, I have put on lipstick for.

Its him, I have prayed and waited for.

Its him, I can travel the whole world with.

Its him, I can share every bit.

So what He is bit far today.

So what I long for him everyday.

I still feel him watching me with those eyes.

I still feel him deep inside.

I still feel him deep inside.

To come near, sometimes you need to go far, a little…

via Daily Prompt: Distant


I was happy. I just got married. A pompous wedding, international destination honeymoon, a brand new villa in town and a self chosen husband, Yes, i.e. Love Marriage. We were the happiest couple. But guess what!!! then Life happened. Living with another person was not really my forte. Before the wedding, both of us used to live alone. In my husband’s words, we were the Lions of our Den. After wedding, the  two Lions started sharing one den. But as rightly said, Two swords can not stay in a sheath. It was not we loved each other any less but somehow it was not easy for us.

We din’t know what to do. It was then he got a job offer, he had to go far for short period of time and I had a self owned business idea, which I started working on. We lived apart for sometime. I thought the last thing we should do in such time was to live apart. There was a risk of permanent damage.

But slowly, something changed. Even though we were physically distant, but the distance between us seemed less. Togetherness planted a seed of relationship between us, but the distance helped us grow in that relationship. When we lived apart, we understood how to live with each other. Togetherness brought us close to make a bond, Distance added the strength in our bond. Love taught us we can not live apart, and the distance taught us how to live together. We crossed the long distance road between us by walking , until we met. If it was not for this distance, we could not have seen the road clearly. I understand now; to come near, sometimes you need to go far, a little.