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Blossoming Love

via Daily Prompt: Blossom

Eyes locked in her eyes, His hands in her hair,

Body so close, their heartbeat can be paired.

His first touch, made her body shiver,

It’s the sign of true love, Blossoming like a flower.


For Him….

via Daily Prompt: Tender



It’s the passion and obsession of love,

that his tender touch, makes me tremble.

I can see myself in his eyes.

The eyes which have always reminded me

that he has been with me, by my side;

that we have a selfless bond, that could never die.

His eyes were on me the first day we met;

they have seen all, that we haven’t even said.

Its him, I have put on lipstick for.

Its him, I have prayed and waited for.

Its him, I can travel the whole world with.

Its him, I can share every bit.

So what He is bit far today.

So what I long for him everyday.

I still feel him watching me with those eyes.

I still feel him deep inside.

I still feel him deep inside.