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I watched the movie to cry

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Recently, I watched a heart touching movie. It showed family, marriage, pain, loneliness, selflessness and an incomplete love. Once I started the movie I had to watch it. In the end, I could feel the suffering of a girl who left her love for family but only to suffer in her new married life. After years, one afternoon, her love showed up at the door. She quickly dressed up with the only silk dress she had. They talked for hours. Both of them built a facade of a dreamy and the most beautiful picture of life in front of each other. Slowly, the movie goes on, the man learnt of the struggle of life and survival his love of life was going through and the women about his financial problem. They can not confront each other, because even after these years, they do not want to hurt each other. In the end, both of them helped each other silently, in the way they can, and walked away again thinking what their life could be if only they had been together. The movie was slow but the depth of lost love reached it Crescendo during the final moments and I was almost sulking.

I talked to one of my friends about it. He is a person who would not understand how could I feel a movie, because he could only watch it. He also told about his mother, how she would watch the most tragic movie ever and when asked what is it that makes her watch them, she would say that she watched those movies to cry.

Her reply stuck in my mind. We spend whole life running, proving, achieving and competing. We have always been taught to sweep our weakness under the rug and put up the strongest face on the table. Our heart is a pandora’s box and we keep the box closed. Once in a while our heart wants out. But our fear can not let it out. Hence, we seek different ways to open it up. I realized, just like my friend’s mother, I watched the movie to cry.