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Success Mantra

via Daily Prompt: Natty

Personality is sum total of you inner qualities and external appearance. I do not agree with people who say only your skill sets matter. I’m biased towards people who are Good at heart, Good at job plus Natty in appearance. Fo example – Take a Comedian. Comedian’s bread and butter is if he can keep you engaged with his act and keep you laughing. Assume a comedian very witty, humorous, with awesome content in his act come up on stage. How can he can engage us if he is shabby. Does not matter if he is tall dark or handsome but if he is Natty you are likely to hear him for more time. So a proper balance of how you carry yourself with you inherent soft / technical skill is the mantra of Success.


My Grandfather’s Uniform

via Daily Prompt: Uniform Uniform


When you hear the word Uniform what does it remind you-

Defense Forces, Doctors, Nurse, Policemen, Postmen, Pilots, Air Host, School, Interview,Favorite Cricket team, Favorite Superhero and what not !!!

Uniform reminds me of my Grandfather. He is a retired Police officer. He is the most Honest, Truthful and Disciplined person I have ever seen in my life. I still remember the way he used to keep his uniform. There used to be not even one crushed line in his dress. Clean and tidy as a new dress always. Not a single drop of stain you could ever spot on his clothes. I swear, if any Detergent company ever sees his uniform, or any of his clothes for that matter, they will cast him in their advertisement. He could spend hours to wash his clothes to keep them spotless. He always associates Uniform with discipline.

To come near, sometimes you need to go far, a little…

via Daily Prompt: Distant


I was happy. I just got married. A pompous wedding, international destination honeymoon, a brand new villa in town and a self chosen husband, Yes, i.e. Love Marriage. We were the happiest couple. But guess what!!! then Life happened. Living with another person was not really my forte. Before the wedding, both of us used to live alone. In my husband’s words, we were the Lions of our Den. After wedding, the  two Lions started sharing one den. But as rightly said, Two swords can not stay in a sheath. It was not we loved each other any less but somehow it was not easy for us.

We din’t know what to do. It was then he got a job offer, he had to go far for short period of time and I had a self owned business idea, which I started working on. We lived apart for sometime. I thought the last thing we should do in such time was to live apart. There was a risk of permanent damage.

But slowly, something changed. Even though we were physically distant, but the distance between us seemed less. Togetherness planted a seed of relationship between us, but the distance helped us grow in that relationship. When we lived apart, we understood how to live with each other. Togetherness brought us close to make a bond, Distance added the strength in our bond. Love taught us we can not live apart, and the distance taught us how to live together. We crossed the long distance road between us by walking , until we met. If it was not for this distance, we could not have seen the road clearly. I understand now; to come near, sometimes you need to go far, a little.


Professional Portion of Life

via Daily Prompt: Portion


People say keep personal and professional life separate. I find it very difficult to do. I think my professional life if important Portion of my life. The Portion that has a significant impact on How I dress, How I think, How I interact, and even With whom I interact. Some one close to me once said what profession you do does not define you. I agree my profession does not define me, but it definitely has a very big part to play to shape me and my personality. Let’s do some math to prove this.

 Lets assume 52 weeks in one year.

Total days in one year: 52*7 = 364

Let’s take minimum 5 working days in one week.

Total working days in one year: 52*5 = 260

Let’s take minimum 8 working Hours in one day.

Total working hours in 1 year: 260*8 = 2080 hours

Total non working hours in 1 year: 260*16+104*24 = 6656 hours

% Hours spent while working / in my profession: ~24%

% Hours spent not working / in my profession: ~76%

Minimum one quarter of my life is my profession. Note: This is minimum, but who really does spend only 8 hours at their work.

My profession is certainly a significant portion of my life.