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“When you do not have anything to loose, you can truly triumph over fear”.


The Shocking Revelation

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William was a quiet and artistic man. He spent hours in his small room, in big house. He is maestro in making sculptures. His picturesque sculpture had every minuscule detail. He never revealed his art, he did not want his art to be tainted by outside world.

Jill,William’s wife, is a keeper of the house. She has always played the role of both mother and father in the house. She is a best friend, good colleague, great mother, lawful wife and a very audacious woman.

The morning was bright and sunny. After completing her morning chores and bidding goodbye her son, Jill was ready to go for her work. It was then she heard police vans screaming across her house and scratching the ground as they came to halt. A sudden thud on her door. For once she did not believe it was a knock on her door. Adrenaline rushed through her veins. Se opens the door. ‘We are FBI, is this William Scardigh’s house, we have a warrant for him’, says a Police officer in her demanding voice. Jill could not utter a word. It was over in a flip of a second. William was gone.

Police told Jill, William was accused of 20 murders in last three year. Police also told Jill it was so hard to catch him since they never recovered any bodies. Jill was shocked to her core. Trembling with fear, she enters in the art room where William kept his sculptures. Every sculpture is a beauty. From curly eyelashes to manicured nails, slender nose to slim legs, each sculpture was as alive as an alluring woman. There were 20 sculptures. She staggered across each one of them, when she knew why were the bodies never recovered. She knew now what William did with the bodies. The shocking revelation left her flabbergasted.

For Him….

via Daily Prompt: Tender



It’s the passion and obsession of love,

that his tender touch, makes me tremble.

I can see myself in his eyes.

The eyes which have always reminded me

that he has been with me, by my side;

that we have a selfless bond, that could never die.

His eyes were on me the first day we met;

they have seen all, that we haven’t even said.

Its him, I have put on lipstick for.

Its him, I have prayed and waited for.

Its him, I can travel the whole world with.

Its him, I can share every bit.

So what He is bit far today.

So what I long for him everyday.

I still feel him watching me with those eyes.

I still feel him deep inside.

I still feel him deep inside.

Nail Polish Priority

via Daily Prompt: Polish Polish

‘I want the Nail Polish, Mum’, says Oshira. I want to put on the brightest color, she continued. ‘No, ‘No you cannot have that Nail Polish. You know your father would not like it’. Oshira got furious, she really wanted it and so she swore to herself that she  will never ever wear a Nail Polish in her life.

Oshira was born in a middle class Indian family. Her father always taught her to be focused to achieve what she wanted. Oshira’s father was very protective of her. She grew up understanding the place of discipline and sacrifice in life. She was a bright child as her father wanted her to be.

But, the teen stage of life is not easy. Not everybody around Oshira was like her. You get life only once, so enjoy, was usually the motto of many of her friends. When her friends used to get ready with the finest clothes and attend parties, Oshira would be busy preparing for the next hurdle / exam. It was not that she was not allowed to go out, but she can not do as freely as others used to do. Because of it, slowly Oshira starts forgetting her fathers word and start feeling restricted. She wanted to break free. But she loved her father  too much to hurt him, also she was aware that she had also seen the same dreams which her father had seen for her.

Years passed by, Oshira grew up. She graduated and got admission to the top college. She couldn’t be much happier. She went to her father and to her surprise, her father already had a gift for her on her victory. She takes the gift box, and opens up eagerly. And then she couldn’t stop her tears. It was the same Nail Polish, she cried once for. At that moment, She understood, everything in life should be done at the right time. it’s all about priorities. If we set our priorities right, there is nothing we can not achieve.

Facebook: Types of Personalities


facebook_status_personality.jpgFacebook is a social community with all kinds of people on it. You can find people from different ages and places in once place. if you are looking for a property to rent you have it available there, any thing to sell ? Facebook has place for it. You find an old pic, before even cherishing it’s memory, it is put up for display, on Facebook. Fake or real news, Facebook is the place. Basically, you have good time or bad, FB is a new reliable friend of yours, always there with you.

Enough about Facebook, lets talk about the different types of Social Behaviors seen on Facebook. It is so interesting to watch the different personalities of people. Let me try and put down some peculiar Facebook Personality traits.

Swagger Jaggers: These are the people who count their success in life by the number of likes. We have seen these people in every single cloth they have in their wardrobe and when there is none left, we have even seen them in new clothes directly from the trial rooms. We have seen them waking up in the morning or being ready to sleep at night, we have seen them in shops, restaurants, washrooms, theaters,  parks, beaches, trains, cars or flights,  we have seen them walking, talking, laughing or crying, we have seen them in office or vacation trips. These are the people whom we can easily stalk.

Histrionics: These people believe in expressing their feelings and emotions. Their whole profile will be filled with big confessions, messages, letters to show – Happiness, Sadness, Excitement, Love, Hatred, all sort of feelings. They are the kind of people who will express how much they love you, miss you or hate you, how their life was incomplete without you or how you have become an angel in their sorrow. They won’t express it directly to the intended person, but they do it on Facebook, where there is a possibility that the person whom it is meant for, might not read. They are the ones who will even wish marriage anniversary to their partners on Facebook first.

The Observers / watchers: These are the gossip collectors. They know everything about everyone. Because, when everybody is posting, commenting, liking, sharing; these people are watching. Their profile will not have any update but they will be visiting it everyday religiously. They keep of note of every single post, so if there were any afterlife in this Facebook world, these people will be having balance sheet of your Facebook life.

Slacktivist: These are the social workers of Facebook world. The ideology is to solve every problem by sharing on Facebook. Whether it is child labour or bonded labour, justice for corruption or scandals, any big or small social issue is shared by them. They have never gone out in society to bring in change, but they have shared enough to show care.

Facebook warriors: These are the kinds of people who will fight for all the causes. They raise their voice on behalf of the world. They have never fought a real battle but if you need a verbal war, they are always ready. They have an opinion and its here they use their Freedom of speech, but only for themselves, they do not expect others to exercise this freedom. These people are very much polarized and opinionated, but use their opinions only while arguing on Facebook.

So, what are your Facebook personality traits?



Success Mantra

via Daily Prompt: Natty

Personality is sum total of you inner qualities and external appearance. I do not agree with people who say only your skill sets matter. I’m biased towards people who are Good at heart, Good at job plus Natty in appearance. Fo example – Take a Comedian. Comedian’s bread and butter is if he can keep you engaged with his act and keep you laughing. Assume a comedian very witty, humorous, with awesome content in his act come up on stage. How can he can engage us if he is shabby. Does not matter if he is tall dark or handsome but if he is Natty you are likely to hear him for more time. So a proper balance of how you carry yourself with you inherent soft / technical skill is the mantra of Success.

Essence Of Nature..

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