I Forgot to…

S long I yearned to leave you,

I forgot to halt and cherish you.

So Long I disparaged you,

I forgot to take pride and walk with you.

So long my eyes wandered far away,

I forgot to appreciate the beauty nearby.

So long I kept chasing the thrill,

I forgot to breathe the air so tranquil.

So long I dreamt of glorious tomorrow,

I forgot to live in precious today.

So long I  was engrossed in making plans for you,

I forgot to spend Priceless time with you.


You and I will continue…

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I’m walking on sand and gravel,

The wind blows past my face, rejuvenating my every cell,

My iPod sings melodeous song,

I think of yesterday, when I came here,

New city, people, new chapter of life,

Today, I have your color on me,

I live and breathe you, I adore you,

I laugh and cry with you, I cherish you,

Tomorrow, I  will have to leave,

But, You and I will Continue,

You will go ahead without any bumps,

I will walk away with room full of memories,

I will walk away to find new paths,

You will have someone new to welcome,

I  will have something new to appreciate,

But, You and I will Continue…

But, You and I will Continue

Choices of My Life

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Life is a series of choices leading to various paths and decision on a choice is what makes a path definitve. Choices are like bricks of a house which make up a beautiful house. There are no right or wrong choices, correct or incorrect choices. Given a circumstance, our choice could make or break your life. So, if we really want to analyze the choices we made in life, we can’t just give a good, bad or excellent rating. While analyzing, we have to consider several variables, make assumptions. It’s as much an Art as it is Science.

I have had some experience of making difficult choices myself. I knew a choice was good for me, still there were other variables which forced me to choose less best path. These variables differ from person to person. People give advise based on their assumptions and often forget that they have to take into account all the factors, which a person is experiencing. Therefore, not everyone can be empathetic.

In the past 2 years, I made many choices. I have a new one to make now, it is going to change my life. Given my situation, it is the best thing to do. But, there is a lot I could have done, a lot which I could, right now. I’m going to carve out a new path in my life. Brave, audacious, exciting step in terms of someone. Is it really exciting, I’m not sure. Is it really going to bring in a creative change in my life, I’m not sure. Is it really going to be okay, I’m not sure. Ask me, it is nerve–wracking. It is here when destiny comes into play.

I can see several opportunities, I lost, I could have leveraged to open up new choices. But, I couldn’t. Now, I’m left with limited options. I’m someone who truly believes in ‘Karma’. However, now I have a feeling that there is a part my destiny played, to bring me at this turn of road. I’m ready to embrace it. I’m having second thoughts, scary thoughts. But, it is time to see what more is in store for me.

The Day when I lost the Bet…But I won something…….someone.

via Daily Prompt Paper


Only If I had not got the letter. If had not held that letter in my hand. If I had not felt that rough texture, as a sand Paper, of the letter. If I had not seen the messy and shaky writing in the letter, as if every alphabet is dancing on a rhythm. If I had not read the words, so explicit of the infatuation. If I had not seen his statuesque attitude. Only If I had not lost the bet. I would have not known him, my husband.

I met him by chance. But looking back, It seems Destiny. The warm summer day just when I lost the bet to my friend and was contemplating my loss, completing her homework, while she was out partying, I saw him at the door. His strong arms like they could lift any burden of life. The bright eyes had love and compassion. The broad shoulder made me wonder what was beneath that t-shirt which was perfectly fitting on him. I never knew I was loosing bet for this, I would love to loose bet again and again. All these thoughts came so quick that I forgot, I dint know him. I was just looking and I saw his hand waving, when I realized, he was asking for my friend. I pulled myself together and took the letter which was for my friend. I should have not read it, but I read every word of it. I read it again and imagined my name in the letter.

This was a start, start to something that I knew will last life long. And, yes, It happened. The thing which started by delivering that letter with some one’s else’s name in it, but ended with the vows with my name in them. I’m happy, I lost the bet that day. I’m happy, he came to deliver the letter that day, so what it was not for me. It does’t matter any more.

Are You a Robotemeter

via Daily Prompt: Loop


Are you a Robot? You must have seen this question at various places for verification. Different verification processes are deployed for these checks. So what do you do once you see this? You Click it!! Right, Not so difficult. I have little questionnaire to see this question from a different angle.

  1. -You wake up every day on the same alarm / alarms ?
  2. -You quickly do morning chores, sequentially ?
  3. -You go to office or any work place following same route ?
  4. -You see similar excel sheets / similar codes to review / similar daily weekly meeting calls to attend ?
  5. -Does your Boss rule you and you sometime feel you are following stupid orders ?
  6. -Do you have to prove your existence in your office everyday as long as above (#5) is not in conflict ?
  7. -You have fixed coffee / lunch / evening snacks time in office or any workplace you go ?
  8. -Your friends can identify your unique habits ?
  9. -After every shopping, you find to have one more dress / cloth with the same color which you already have half of the closet filled with ?
  10. -Do you always choose work over personal life and does not know how to have balance work life ?

Every Yes answer to above is +1 and every No is 0. You can rate yourself to find the actual answer – Are you a Robot ?

Are the above mentioned Loops making you a Robot. I would like to know you score, just calculate your score and click to vote.  🙂


PS: Two of the above questions were inspiration from below quote —

“The Three Laws of Robotics:

1: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm;

2: A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law;

3: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law;

The Zeroth Law: A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.”
― Isaac AsimovI, Robot

Essence Of Nature..

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