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It’s Time to Resign..

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I wrote the title of this post 3 years ago. 3 years gone, here I am, on the same page of the book of my life, writing the content of the same post. Deja-Vu! Let me rewind and show you how I penned the title, but never completed the writing.

Like any other youth I was bored of my job. It sucked to go and burn my ass off doing some work which I did not fancy doing, at all. All my friends were getting out too, I said good bye to all of my friends, I started to feel more lonely. At the same time, I got kicked out of several interviews. I was gloomy. Then, one fine day I decided to quit it anyways. I had no plan or strategy, the only thing I knew, I didn’t want to go that desk of mine, I knew it was time. That was the day when I wrote the title. But, then something happened, out of the blue, I got a different role. A 180degree change in my work life. And, I never got to write the content part of the post.

It feels like I’m breathing the same air. I have started hating this chair, kicked out of many interviews, have no future plans. The thought of being at home doing nothing itches me every second of the day. But, it’s time again! So here I am, writing the post. I have a fear that this time the post will be completed. A part of me is waiting that the silver lining will be there again. But, as far as I see, I am at the end of the post and still in resignation state.


Choices of My Life

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Life is a series of choices leading to various paths and decision on a choice is what makes a path definitve. Choices are like bricks of a house which make up a beautiful house. There are no right or wrong choices, correct or incorrect choices. Given a circumstance, our choice could make or break your life. So, if we really want to analyze the choices we made in life, we can’t just give a good, bad or excellent rating. While analyzing, we have to consider several variables, make assumptions. It’s as much an Art as it is Science.

I have had some experience of making difficult choices myself. I knew a choice was good for me, still there were other variables which forced me to choose less best path. These variables differ from person to person. People give advise based on their assumptions and often forget that they have to take into account all the factors, which a person is experiencing. Therefore, not everyone can be empathetic.

In the past 2 years, I made many choices. I have a new one to make now, it is going to change my life. Given my situation, it is the best thing to do. But, there is a lot I could have done, a lot which I could, right now. I’m going to carve out a new path in my life. Brave, audacious, exciting step in terms of someone. Is it really exciting, I’m not sure. Is it really going to bring in a creative change in my life, I’m not sure. Is it really going to be okay, I’m not sure. Ask me, it is nerve–wracking. It is here when destiny comes into play.

I can see several opportunities, I lost, I could have leveraged to open up new choices. But, I couldn’t. Now, I’m left with limited options. I’m someone who truly believes in ‘Karma’. However, now I have a feeling that there is a part my destiny played, to bring me at this turn of road. I’m ready to embrace it. I’m having second thoughts, scary thoughts. But, it is time to see what more is in store for me.

Are You a Robotemeter

via Daily Prompt: Loop


Are you a Robot? You must have seen this question at various places for verification. Different verification processes are deployed for these checks. So what do you do once you see this? You Click it!! Right, Not so difficult. I have little questionnaire to see this question from a different angle.

  1. -You wake up every day on the same alarm / alarms ?
  2. -You quickly do morning chores, sequentially ?
  3. -You go to office or any work place following same route ?
  4. -You see similar excel sheets / similar codes to review / similar daily weekly meeting calls to attend ?
  5. -Does your Boss rule you and you sometime feel you are following stupid orders ?
  6. -Do you have to prove your existence in your office everyday as long as above (#5) is not in conflict ?
  7. -You have fixed coffee / lunch / evening snacks time in office or any workplace you go ?
  8. -Your friends can identify your unique habits ?
  9. -After every shopping, you find to have one more dress / cloth with the same color which you already have half of the closet filled with ?
  10. -Do you always choose work over personal life and does not know how to have balance work life ?

Every Yes answer to above is +1 and every No is 0. You can rate yourself to find the actual answer – Are you a Robot ?

Are the above mentioned Loops making you a Robot. I would like to know you score, just calculate your score and click to vote.  🙂


PS: Two of the above questions were inspiration from below quote —

“The Three Laws of Robotics:

1: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm;

2: A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law;

3: A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law;

The Zeroth Law: A robot may not harm humanity, or, by inaction, allow humanity to come to harm.”
― Isaac AsimovI, Robot

Facebook: Types of Personalities


facebook_status_personality.jpgFacebook is a social community with all kinds of people on it. You can find people from different ages and places in once place. if you are looking for a property to rent you have it available there, any thing to sell ? Facebook has place for it. You find an old pic, before even cherishing it’s memory, it is put up for display, on Facebook. Fake or real news, Facebook is the place. Basically, you have good time or bad, FB is a new reliable friend of yours, always there with you.

Enough about Facebook, lets talk about the different types of Social Behaviors seen on Facebook. It is so interesting to watch the different personalities of people. Let me try and put down some peculiar Facebook Personality traits.

Swagger Jaggers: These are the people who count their success in life by the number of likes. We have seen these people in every single cloth they have in their wardrobe and when there is none left, we have even seen them in new clothes directly from the trial rooms. We have seen them waking up in the morning or being ready to sleep at night, we have seen them in shops, restaurants, washrooms, theaters,  parks, beaches, trains, cars or flights,  we have seen them walking, talking, laughing or crying, we have seen them in office or vacation trips. These are the people whom we can easily stalk.

Histrionics: These people believe in expressing their feelings and emotions. Their whole profile will be filled with big confessions, messages, letters to show – Happiness, Sadness, Excitement, Love, Hatred, all sort of feelings. They are the kind of people who will express how much they love you, miss you or hate you, how their life was incomplete without you or how you have become an angel in their sorrow. They won’t express it directly to the intended person, but they do it on Facebook, where there is a possibility that the person whom it is meant for, might not read. They are the ones who will even wish marriage anniversary to their partners on Facebook first.

The Observers / watchers: These are the gossip collectors. They know everything about everyone. Because, when everybody is posting, commenting, liking, sharing; these people are watching. Their profile will not have any update but they will be visiting it everyday religiously. They keep of note of every single post, so if there were any afterlife in this Facebook world, these people will be having balance sheet of your Facebook life.

Slacktivist: These are the social workers of Facebook world. The ideology is to solve every problem by sharing on Facebook. Whether it is child labour or bonded labour, justice for corruption or scandals, any big or small social issue is shared by them. They have never gone out in society to bring in change, but they have shared enough to show care.

Facebook warriors: These are the kinds of people who will fight for all the causes. They raise their voice on behalf of the world. They have never fought a real battle but if you need a verbal war, they are always ready. They have an opinion and its here they use their Freedom of speech, but only for themselves, they do not expect others to exercise this freedom. These people are very much polarized and opinionated, but use their opinions only while arguing on Facebook.

So, what are your Facebook personality traits?



Save your own Ass Syndrome

We, human beings have a tendency to duck and move out of a meddling situation. We do it all the time. We used to do it in school, to avoid the punishment. We used to run away if we break our friends toy. We even do it at home, when we accidently eat our siblings’ ice cream.

So this is no new syndrome. Corporate world is not untouched by this syndrome. We can see the symptoms of the syndrome if we unintentionally put an extra comma at the end of code, and our colleague take a day to debug it. But you can see different degree to which people show its symptoms. The degree of symptoms might also vary from region to region. I will mainly focus on the regional differences here. The Asian countries (Except japan, we will come to Japan later) are more prone to the syndrome. A company with office in India, UK and the US, the employees in Indian office will show this symptom more often than UK or the US. If you raise a question to employees in India, the first reply you are most likely to get is extra explanation that we did not fuck it. You will have to read the email twice and wonder, where in your email you actually asked that! Due to this there will be calls which will lead to no conclusion. After a day people will actually acknowledge your question, if you are lucky, if not, your original question will be berried under the heap of baseless discussions. Japan is a different breed, they usually know the question and also its answer, they also know who fucked it up. They will choose a color and font size that will attract audience  and very brutally announce who is the culprit and the story behind it. So the discussion will not go onto calls.

This leads to a very important question, why this syndrome is wide spread in India. I would say its the management who plants the seeds of the syndrome. the competition among employees is higher than UK or the US  in the kind of jobs are off shored in India. The race of getting good rating, higher increment and big bonuses employees want to proof themselves as error free. In this race they forget the ownership of work, instead loosening their ownership gives them insurance of average rating. In UK or the US, either you are dealing in real money so the competition can be easily mapped to money or you are the only person in the team to own the job so you automatically become the owner and your sole purpose is to get the job done.

Its time that management of these companies should realize the roots of the syndrome are deep and to cut the roots they need to nurture the employees by showing them the bigger picture and expanding their role. Clear objectives, sense of ownership and the likeness towards the job should drive the employees. So that the time they invest in Saving their own Asses can be put into other use.

Change – Good Cop – Bad Cop ?

Change is inevitable. I see change all around me. The cartoons, I used to watch have changed. The Video Games, I used to play have gone out dated, the start music of some famous games then, live only in my memory now. I have seen the black and white TVs turning to colored & mounted TVs, floppies changing to pen-drives. I have seen how I have walked the terrain of life, changing my strategy to fight every challenge. I have seen the ever changing face of society. Over the years, I have learnt to evaluate and decide which form of change I want. Of course, some of them are inevitable due to changing technology. Recently, in last 7 days, I read two different stories, both pointing to a bigger change, but with it comes the very basic question – Is this really the change we wanted ?

Both the stories had one theme. Woman punished a man by either killing him or hurting him bad. We have all heard of numerous cases of women, girls being raped, their whole life goes upside down. It takes ages to solve one case and get justice, some girls even leave the hope of getting any. But these two cases are like a knock on the door, a change waiting at the door, to enter our society.

In the first case, woman chopped off private parts of the accused. In other case a woman accused a man of cheating and threw acid on his face, next day of his wedding, eventually ending his life. The Chief minister of the state even commended the woman daring enough to hurt the person, who brutally raped her. It looks like girls are on the verge where they are ready to play judge and jury by themselves.

But, Should this change be embraced? Should we really applause these women? Should we really stop a crime by committing another crime? Does this not bring us to square one. There was a time of patriarchal society when, even if a man does something wrong it was considered as strong and manly, we encouraged it. Are we not making same mistake to approve of work done by the women. After reading praise for the Girl punishing her rapist, how many girls waiting for their justice would have been discouraged to have faith in our system. Is this a start of Matriarchal Society? But should we welcome this change?

The train seat

Indian railways is one of the biggest railways in the world. But being the biggest network is not the the beauty of it, the most unique feature of it is that you can see many different types of personalities traveling together. I think it is the best place to study human behavior and personality traits.

I happen to remember an incidence when I saw different behavior  of same person. A very old lady with her old fashioned bag was sitting in an AC coach. She was too old to walk herself, she had a walker kept in front of her which was taking more place than herself. I doubt she could read or barely see without her thick glass frame. How can some one can get this old, I thought. All of a sudden 3 men came and stood in front of me blocking her from my sight. I then realized I was almost staring her. One of them encountered the old lady and enquired of her seat. They figured that the lady was having a general ticket but somehow got in their seat. The man was a middle class man returning to his town, one station away, from work. He had a mustache and a large round belly. He must have never excercised, as most of the other people in India.

The man saw the old lady and asked about her family. She was traveling alone. Her younger son bought her the ticket and got her boarded on train, her elder son will receive her on the station which was around 4 – 5 stations away. I thought the man and his friends will now try to move her out of their seat, as any other person in india would do. In india it is hard enough to get a train a ticket, so people are generally very emotionally connected with their seat. But the man too was moved by her story, he sat with his friend tried to converse with the lady. He started discussing with his friends about her sons who left their mother in a train on a wrong seat, alone. They already had made a whole picture of the two uncaring sons. Some time passed by. The man thought to rest for a bit and asked the lady to shift a little.

All of a sudden, the old lady started shouting. She started speaking ill of man that he is asking an old woman to move. The man was startled. She shouted at him that he can very easily walk to the seat that was booked for her, which she thought was in the next coach. But the man knew she had a general ticket not the AC coach ticket. He tried to explain her but she was not ready to hear. She thought she has to fight to keep sitting in that seat. The man got up and sat somewhere else. I did not understand why the lady started to shout on a man who gave her seat to sit.

In the country with limited resources and a billion population, people learn from their birth that they have to fight to get something. It is difficult to grasp that we don’t have to fight always, not every one will pull you down if you seem weak.

In all of this, I reached the next station where I got down. The men also got off the train. I turned back to the lady from the platform, the train started moving slowly, I saw three other people boarding the train, the old lady still sitting waiting for next one to come and getting ready to save that seat…