Writing is not my passion.. but it is one of the best ways of communication with oneself and others, sometimes you convey better by writing... Bueno Escribir ...Good to write.... :) My friends call me Deeps but I started this blog under the name Prakratii to message someone anonymously, to play a prank and to spy a lill ;) Since then it kindaa got stuck. I'm empathetic, lill naive, gullible, shopoholic and intriguing ;) I like to travel, spend hours and hours with friends. I love dancing and fashion. My life is like an incomplete mystery story, I always try to find meaning and clues in what's happened in life leading to what will happen in future. I believe in serendipitous encounters and miracles. I'm not good at stability, I can't be stable at one place or one thing but I'm perfectly stable in love. My moto is plain and simple Keep Smiling I would love to know you, to hear your comments, suggestions, how did you decide to start your blog, what's your moto or any thing you feel like sharing. Please have a tour of my blog and hope you enjoy my writings.

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