It’s an Arduous Walk


Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 12.05.23 AM.png

Infant cries, wordless fight; falls and highs, you got to fly,

You ought to be ahead, was the very first talk.

From crawling to running, it’s an arduous walk.

Numbers, dance,  or romance; sports, science or speech, 

Its a race you can’t just mock,

 From home to school, it’s an arduous walk.

Win some, loose some, you have seen enough,

What you like, doesn’t matter much, societal goals are deadlock,  

From young to wise, it’s an arduous walk.

Morning calls, Late night jobs, charts are antidote, you have hundred lines to decode

Huss and buss, you can not balk

From learning to earning, it’s an arduous walk.

Meet and greet, think you have time to sleep,

But still you grind, full soul and mind, you never thought when you tied the knot,

From child to parent, it’s an arduous walk.

Long was the battle, now its time to settle,

But see around you, so much is same,

Rat race is on, your young self is going on,

Deja vu, but its not you, all you hear is squawk,

From life to grave, it’s an arduous walk.




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