Coincidence or Destiny

Audrey has been sitting in the cafe for the past hour. Today she was meeting with her best friend, Talia. Last one year has been difficult for her. Her boyfriend left her for a model, she can’t even blame him, the model was way too hot to resist. Her manager at work was being tough. Her parents got divorced. Audrey was so much busy digesting this  bitter phase of life that she has been avoiding her friends and family. Today, breaking the shackles of past, she decided to move on and start new day by meeting her best friend. Audrey and Talia go back to school. From school work to slumber parties , they were always together.

Today is no different, she thought. May be her life is just one grey day. She began thinking, how the string started last year when Talia got flu and she had to go for shopping alone. It was there she met Benzo. He was shopping alone because his friend had bailed on him. Audrey helped Benzo in selecting dress for his next audition. Shopping led to dinner and in no time they were attending christmas dinner together. But by the new year, Benzo already fell again for a new model. Audrey , as she always does, escaped; moved to another city and took a job. But her new job was no piece of cake. After all these, her parents just got divorced, which was her tipping point. She was too young to take on so much so she decided to take it easy. But, even today, Talia dint turn up.

As she was leaving, she tripped. As soon as she tripped, she saw someone laughing. It was then she met Felix.  Felix was handsome and jolly person, he had been watching Audrey for an hour. but before he could say hello, Audrey decided to leave. It was not the best start, but who said perfect relationship has a perfect beginning.

Today, its been 15 years, Audrey and Felix have seen tears and joy, pain, success and failure together. It was a series of coincidences which led Audrey to the coffee shop at the same time as Felix. Was it really a Coincidence or Destiny, Audrey thought.


5 thoughts on “Coincidence or Destiny”

    1. Thanks for reading and adding you view on my post, Appreciate it 🙂 u know I m also a supporter of destiny….but still I keep thinking if there are perfect plans for everyone why is there misery and sorrow ….


      1. Ya prakrati same though also use to reflect in my mind time and again that if god has made a perfect plan for everyone than why sorrow and misery. I am still going through that phase so I am also searching for this answer


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