You and I will continue…

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I’m walking on sand and gravel,

The wind blows past my face, rejuvenating my every cell,

My iPod sings melodeous song,

I think of yesterday, when I came here,

New city, people, new chapter of life,

Today, I have your color on me,

I live and breathe you, I adore you,

I laugh and cry with you, I cherish you,

Tomorrow, I  will have to leave,

But, You and I will Continue,

You will go ahead without any bumps,

I will walk away with room full of memories,

I will walk away to find new paths,

You will have someone new to welcome,

I  will have something new to appreciate,

But, You and I will Continue…

But, You and I will Continue


4 thoughts on “You and I will continue…”

  1. .. I keep my box full of your secrets even I left all behind
    .. just .. in case I decide to cross an another river
    to throw the stone of my past hidden in the box against the future..
    ..just in case to continue ..with you..

    Thanks for your words..

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