Choices of My Life

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Life is a series of choices leading to various paths and decision on a choice is what makes a path definitve. Choices are like bricks of a house which make up a beautiful house. There are no right or wrong choices, correct or incorrect choices. Given a circumstance, our choice could make or break your life. So, if we really want to analyze the choices we made in life, we can’t just give a good, bad or excellent rating. While analyzing, we have to consider several variables, make assumptions. It’s as much an Art as it is Science.

I have had some experience of making difficult choices myself. I knew a choice was good for me, still there were other variables which forced me to choose less best path. These variables differ from person to person. People give advise based on their assumptions and often forget that they have to take into account all the factors, which a person is experiencing. Therefore, not everyone can be empathetic.

In the past 2 years, I made many choices. I have a new one to make now, it is going to change my life. Given my situation, it is the best thing to do. But, there is a lot I could have done, a lot which I could, right now. I’m going to carve out a new path in my life. Brave, audacious, exciting step in terms of someone. Is it really exciting, I’m not sure. Is it really going to bring in a creative change in my life, I’m not sure. Is it really going to be okay, I’m not sure. Ask me, it is nerve–wracking. It is here when destiny comes into play.

I can see several opportunities, I lost, I could have leveraged to open up new choices. But, I couldn’t. Now, I’m left with limited options. I’m someone who truly believes in ‘Karma’. However, now I have a feeling that there is a part my destiny played, to bring me at this turn of road. I’m ready to embrace it. I’m having second thoughts, scary thoughts. But, it is time to see what more is in store for me.


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