Open up…

Homo Sapiens have unique ability to feel emotions. It is why we socialize. We experience all sorts of emotions everyday. We also have unique ability to express emotions. But Do we us this ability of expression? Do we always say what we feel? Do we not want our partner to guess what we are feeling sometimes? Why do we keep our sentiments Bottled up.

Life would be much simpler if we express ourselves vividly. We could solve half of our problems by clear communication. We also need to be ready to hear conversation. Communication is a two way process. If used effectively communication can be a great tool.

We have to open up ourselves to our partner, to our friends, to our parents, to our colleagues. There should be no room for contemplation. Take some time in your relationship to talk. Talk about your likings – dis-likings,  your plans, your problems, your happiness, your sorrows, and every teeny tiny talk to long talks. And make our place an easier place to live in.


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