Boy vs Girl Child

via Daily Prompt: Relieved


There was a streak of happiness in the house. Sweets were being distributed, prayers were being chanted. Little feet of chirayu came to their house and filled the house with joy and pleasure. The hands soft as cotton, skin untouched like a new piece of silk dress and innocent eyes trying to peep into everything, I saw happiness on everyone’s face. But there they were, not only happy but a sense of relief in their eyes. A relief that expressed granting of one last wish, relief of achieving a much awaited goal, relief of winning a long war.

I first thought, they were relieved because child birth is a miracle and having a child is the greatest gift of all. But that was not it. They had 4 children, Chirayu was their 5th child. They were happy not because a child was born, but because, Boy child was born. Even today, a family desires boy child. In emerging countries like India, having a girl child is a burden on the family. Today, when women are leading some great nations,  great companies, women are in equal competition in science, technology, and every other field, still there are places where a girl child is nothing more than an obligation and an added responsibility.

A recent Study in UK showed that the family with 2 girl children is an ideal combination for family harmony. The top 3 combinations were found to be —

1. Two girls
2. One boy and one girl
3. Two boys

The study supports having a girl child still there are people who are Relieved when they have a boy child. The mentality can not change over night. Education is a very strong tool. Girls should be given education so that when they grow up they can stand for themselves. Education has helped but the work is not over yet. I do not agree with reservations for women, but yes reservation for women in backwards class is still necessary. It gives an incentive for parents to not prefer boy child over girl child. Every girl should be made aware of her inner abilities. She needs to be taught if she can give birth to a new life, there is nothing she can’t achieve, no mountain she can’t climb and no ocean she can’t go across. Together we can progress and prosper.


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