Puncture Stories

via Daily Prompt: Puncture

201.jpgRoad trips always have a story. And a Puncture in your car on a road trip, is always fun. Yes! every one has experienced it, at least in my country! It gives birth to stories, sweet, salty or even spicy stories.

I remember one of my road trips, which was an amazing time spent, every thing was done with in set time. We had planned exact time for each activity since we had to return  on a specific time, failing to reach on time, had its own consequences.

Oblivious to what was coming, our trip was going as smooth as silk. Suddenly, our car stopped, we had the back tyre of our punctured. A tiny – tiny puncture in the tyre, and our whole plan was upside down. After that, all of us had to deal with their situations in unique way. Every one had to knit their own story to wardens,  parents, teachers etc. Some of us even had to become a fake parent for other, in front of principal.

Looking back today, I remember the day, the places we went, the food we ate, the infinite number of pictures we took etc etc. But the most hilarious moments we had were after the puncture. we still cherish those moments and try to live them. Had it not for the puncture, we would have missed that fun and the thrill. It made the trip exciting. I’m sure you must had a story too. So whats your story!!!


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