The Shocking Revelation

via Daily Prompt: Revelation Revelation


William was a quiet and artistic man. He spent hours in his small room, in big house. He is maestro in making sculptures. His picturesque sculpture had every minuscule detail. He never revealed his art, he did not want his art to be tainted by outside world.

Jill,William’s wife, is a keeper of the house. She has always played the role of both mother and father in the house. She is a best friend, good colleague, great mother, lawful wife and a very audacious woman.

The morning was bright and sunny. After completing her morning chores and bidding goodbye her son, Jill was ready to go for her work. It was then she heard police vans screaming across her house and scratching the ground as they came to halt. A sudden thud on her door. For once she did not believe it was a knock on her door. Adrenaline rushed through her veins. Se opens the door. ‘We are FBI, is this William Scardigh’s house, we have a warrant for him’, says a Police officer in her demanding voice. Jill could not utter a word. It was over in a flip of a second. William was gone.

Police told Jill, William was accused of 20 murders in last three year. Police also told Jill it was so hard to catch him since they never recovered any bodies. Jill was shocked to her core. Trembling with fear, she enters in the art room where William kept his sculptures. Every sculpture is a beauty. From curly eyelashes to manicured nails, slender nose to slim legs, each sculpture was as alive as an alluring woman. There were 20 sculptures. She staggered across each one of them, when she knew why were the bodies never recovered. She knew now what William did with the bodies. The shocking revelation left her flabbergasted.


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