Nail Polish Priority

via Daily Prompt: Polish Polish

‘I want the Nail Polish, Mum’, says Oshira. I want to put on the brightest color, she continued. ‘No, ‘No you cannot have that Nail Polish. You know your father would not like it’. Oshira got furious, she really wanted it and so she swore to herself that she  will never ever wear a Nail Polish in her life.

Oshira was born in a middle class Indian family. Her father always taught her to be focused to achieve what she wanted. Oshira’s father was very protective of her. She grew up understanding the place of discipline and sacrifice in life. She was a bright child as her father wanted her to be.

But, the teen stage of life is not easy. Not everybody around Oshira was like her. You get life only once, so enjoy, was usually the motto of many of her friends. When her friends used to get ready with the finest clothes and attend parties, Oshira would be busy preparing for the next hurdle / exam. It was not that she was not allowed to go out, but she can not do as freely as others used to do. Because of it, slowly Oshira starts forgetting her fathers word and start feeling restricted. She wanted to break free. But she loved her father  too much to hurt him, also she was aware that she had also seen the same dreams which her father had seen for her.

Years passed by, Oshira grew up. She graduated and got admission to the top college. She couldn’t be much happier. She went to her father and to her surprise, her father already had a gift for her on her victory. She takes the gift box, and opens up eagerly. And then she couldn’t stop her tears. It was the same Nail Polish, she cried once for. At that moment, She understood, everything in life should be done at the right time. it’s all about priorities. If we set our priorities right, there is nothing we can not achieve.


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