Facebook: Types of Personalities


facebook_status_personality.jpgFacebook is a social community with all kinds of people on it. You can find people from different ages and places in once place. if you are looking for a property to rent you have it available there, any thing to sell ? Facebook has place for it. You find an old pic, before even cherishing it’s memory, it is put up for display, on Facebook. Fake or real news, Facebook is the place. Basically, you have good time or bad, FB is a new reliable friend of yours, always there with you.

Enough about Facebook, lets talk about the different types of Social Behaviors seen on Facebook. It is so interesting to watch the different personalities of people. Let me try and put down some peculiar Facebook Personality traits.

Swagger Jaggers: These are the people who count their success in life by the number of likes. We have seen these people in every single cloth they have in their wardrobe and when there is none left, we have even seen them in new clothes directly from the trial rooms. We have seen them waking up in the morning or being ready to sleep at night, we have seen them in shops, restaurants, washrooms, theaters,  parks, beaches, trains, cars or flights,  we have seen them walking, talking, laughing or crying, we have seen them in office or vacation trips. These are the people whom we can easily stalk.

Histrionics: These people believe in expressing their feelings and emotions. Their whole profile will be filled with big confessions, messages, letters to show – Happiness, Sadness, Excitement, Love, Hatred, all sort of feelings. They are the kind of people who will express how much they love you, miss you or hate you, how their life was incomplete without you or how you have become an angel in their sorrow. They won’t express it directly to the intended person, but they do it on Facebook, where there is a possibility that the person whom it is meant for, might not read. They are the ones who will even wish marriage anniversary to their partners on Facebook first.

The Observers / watchers: These are the gossip collectors. They know everything about everyone. Because, when everybody is posting, commenting, liking, sharing; these people are watching. Their profile will not have any update but they will be visiting it everyday religiously. They keep of note of every single post, so if there were any afterlife in this Facebook world, these people will be having balance sheet of your Facebook life.

Slacktivist: These are the social workers of Facebook world. The ideology is to solve every problem by sharing on Facebook. Whether it is child labour or bonded labour, justice for corruption or scandals, any big or small social issue is shared by them. They have never gone out in society to bring in change, but they have shared enough to show care.

Facebook warriors: These are the kinds of people who will fight for all the causes. They raise their voice on behalf of the world. They have never fought a real battle but if you need a verbal war, they are always ready. They have an opinion and its here they use their Freedom of speech, but only for themselves, they do not expect others to exercise this freedom. These people are very much polarized and opinionated, but use their opinions only while arguing on Facebook.

So, what are your Facebook personality traits?




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