My Grandfather’s Uniform

via Daily Prompt: Uniform Uniform


When you hear the word Uniform what does it remind you-

Defense Forces, Doctors, Nurse, Policemen, Postmen, Pilots, Air Host, School, Interview,Favorite Cricket team, Favorite Superhero and what not !!!

Uniform reminds me of my Grandfather. He is a retired Police officer. He is the most Honest, Truthful and Disciplined person I have ever seen in my life. I still remember the way he used to keep his uniform. There used to be not even one crushed line in his dress. Clean and tidy as a new dress always. Not a single drop of stain you could ever spot on his clothes. I swear, if any Detergent company ever sees his uniform, or any of his clothes for that matter, they will cast him in their advertisement. He could spend hours to wash his clothes to keep them spotless. He always associates Uniform with discipline.


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