Professional Portion of Life

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People say keep personal and professional life separate. I find it very difficult to do. I think my professional life if important Portion of my life. The Portion that has a significant impact on How I dress, How I think, How I interact, and even With whom I interact. Some one close to me once said what profession you do does not define you. I agree my profession does not define me, but it definitely has a very big part to play to shape me and my personality. Let’s do some math to prove this.

 Lets assume 52 weeks in one year.

Total days in one year: 52*7 = 364

Let’s take minimum 5 working days in one week.

Total working days in one year: 52*5 = 260

Let’s take minimum 8 working Hours in one day.

Total working hours in 1 year: 260*8 = 2080 hours

Total non working hours in 1 year: 260*16+104*24 = 6656 hours

% Hours spent while working / in my profession: ~24%

% Hours spent not working / in my profession: ~76%

Minimum one quarter of my life is my profession. Note: This is minimum, but who really does spend only 8 hours at their work.

My profession is certainly a significant portion of my life.


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