Change – Good Cop – Bad Cop ?

Change is inevitable. I see change all around me. The cartoons, I used to watch have changed. The Video Games, I used to play have gone out dated, the start music of some famous games then, live only in my memory now. I have seen the black and white TVs turning to colored & mounted TVs, floppies changing to pen-drives. I have seen how I have walked the terrain of life, changing my strategy to fight every challenge. I have seen the ever changing face of society. Over the years, I have learnt to evaluate and decide which form of change I want. Of course, some of them are inevitable due to changing technology. Recently, in last 7 days, I read two different stories, both pointing to a bigger change, but with it comes the very basic question – Is this really the change we wanted ?

Both the stories had one theme. Woman punished a man by either killing him or hurting him bad. We have all heard of numerous cases of women, girls being raped, their whole life goes upside down. It takes ages to solve one case and get justice, some girls even leave the hope of getting any. But these two cases are like a knock on the door, a change waiting at the door, to enter our society.

In the first case, woman chopped off private parts of the accused. In other case a woman accused a man of cheating and threw acid on his face, next day of his wedding, eventually ending his life. The Chief minister of the state even commended the woman daring enough to hurt the person, who brutally raped her. It looks like girls are on the verge where they are ready to play judge and jury by themselves.

But, Should this change be embraced? Should we really applause these women? Should we really stop a crime by committing another crime? Does this not bring us to square one. There was a time of patriarchal society when, even if a man does something wrong it was considered as strong and manly, we encouraged it. Are we not making same mistake to approve of work done by the women. After reading praise for the Girl punishing her rapist, how many girls waiting for their justice would have been discouraged to have faith in our system. Is this a start of Matriarchal Society? But should we welcome this change?


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