I sleep to forget ‘it’


Dawn, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night………All over again! But I’m sleeping. I don’t want to wake up. Don’t want to eat or talk. The only thing which I want is – SLEEP. No, I am not lazy. I am not drunk. Neither sick nor tired. I want to forget something. The easiest way for me is to sleep on it. I had never known to what extent I can sleep. I can avoid many things easily so that I can sleep and forget it, but I have to struggle with my stomach which is not easy.

Day 1 is the most difficult. I felt the need to eat. My mind is ready for sleep but my stomach is not ready. It sends hunger signals to the mind. But every signal is interrupted by the one thing which forces my mind to make me sleep. It’s so strong that I sleep.

Day 2 is also a struggle between mind and stomach. I eat breakfast and late lunch. My stomach now understands. It knows my mind was struggling yesterday. It sends hunger signal but stops later when mind informs of no recovery. So I again sleep.

Day 3 becomes easier. Mind knows the situation is no better, I still want to forget ‘It’ and that, it’s still bothering me. Today, the stomach is all ready for me. It makes my day easier and helps me SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.


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