Afternoon Tea with MD’s


Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.18.24 AM.png

I filled a personality test once. As expected, I wanted  it to come as a defensive, a good listener and a shy person. Wola! I got it. I was happy, the test was so well written to gave me exact result. Since then, I totally look down upon myself and praised personality tests. I had forgotten the test was not driving me, I was driving myself. I strongly believe, one can not change what a person oneself is. But recently, I have been having some new thoughts. I now believe, one can change the way, one wants to be perceived by others.

Recently, I have done some self improvement classes and seen some Talk shows. I thought these will never help me coz my core is built in a way and no sugar coating will help. But then, I had Afternoon Tea with 2 MDs at my work. There was a round table with two nice shiny tea pots. Luckily I was sitting beside someone I knew. I had a relief. There were some nice cakes, macarons, etc. I took a plate full and sat. Keeping myself busy eating was the plan. But then I forgot I had to eat up, coz I was busy talking to the MDs, discussing social issues, putting my own thoughts. I spoke of things which I had not learnt, but my unconscious mind had in store for me, when I was getting bored in self improvement classes.

This was not me, I thought. I presented myself as a natural thinker and an enthusiast junior aspiring to be an MD one day.

I was not the most shy person at the table. I could not help but notice someone else had taken my place.


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