…Let me Speak

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 8.16.42 PM.pngHow do you handle someone aggressive and sarcastic. Some people love to be right all the time. They do not want to make situation better but they want others to say out loud – “We beg, we are sorry” How do you handle them ? Recently, I have had a difficult argument. Not that I was 100% right or 100% wrong. We both had some pretty defensive comments. Let me call this person as George.

Sometimes, you need to let things go. But when par line is breached, You have to keep your head held high. You have to speak up!  Someone very near and dear to me had similar situation. Let me call that dear one as ‘John'(looks like English names are growing on me) John had to speak for himself when the strong winds of hostility were taking away his peace of mind and dignity.

Its the right balance of leavings things behind and speaking up that makes someone street smart. I found that line when I saw a sarcastic smile and that was the time, I had lto say ‘George !!!!! — Let me speak’


Afternoon Tea with MD’s


Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.18.24 AM.png

I filled a personality test once. As expected, I wanted  it to come as a defensive, a good listener and a shy person. Wola! I got it. I was happy, the test was so well written to gave me exact result. Since then, I totally look down upon myself and praised personality tests. I had forgotten the test was not driving me, I was driving myself. I strongly believe, one can not change what a person oneself is. But recently, I have been having some new thoughts. I now believe, one can change the way, one wants to be perceived by others.

Recently, I have done some self improvement classes and seen some Talk shows. I thought these will never help me coz my core is built in a way and no sugar coating will help. But then, I had Afternoon Tea with 2 MDs at my work. There was a round table with two nice shiny tea pots. Luckily I was sitting beside someone I knew. I had a relief. There were some nice cakes, macarons, etc. I took a plate full and sat. Keeping myself busy eating was the plan. But then I forgot I had to eat up, coz I was busy talking to the MDs, discussing social issues, putting my own thoughts. I spoke of things which I had not learnt, but my unconscious mind had in store for me, when I was getting bored in self improvement classes.

This was not me, I thought. I presented myself as a natural thinker and an enthusiast junior aspiring to be an MD one day.

I was not the most shy person at the table. I could not help but notice someone else had taken my place.

Social Media Women’s Day

According to Worldometers.com today the female population is 49.6% and Male population is 50.4% of Total population of 7,162,119,434 or 7.1 Billion. According to another survey, 60 Billion messages were sent on Face and Watsapp together in 2016 (the verge.com). Even if I consider half of the messages were related to International Women’s Day, total 30 Billion messages must be sent about today. I am one of the 7.1 Billions who interchanged, argued, ignored, discussed, laughed or cried about today’s messages but did not do anything different to make this day Women’s day. One more year has passed by and one more women’s day has gone, but I’m still waiting for the one day when I will really know the meaning of this day.

Below image was actually circulated heavily on watsapp on March 8th, 2017, which made me wonder, “Happy Women’s Day” Really ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡