The Long Distance

I’m gazing a ticking watch and for once  I realized 1 minute really consists of 60 seconds and 1 hour consists of 3,600 seconds. No !! do not ponder on, comm’on lets do something else. But why is that my eyes are resting on that phone and the digital watch in it. I’m waiting for him to be back and talk to me. This time I will always have him with me on my phone, but today I’m there, my phone is with me however one on the other side of it, is missing. So that is why is my eyes are rolling again n again but resting on that phone which is lying very innocently and quietly as if it is saying to me that it has always been with me, still why m I gazing it, picking it and throwing it.

Long distance relationships are difficult to be carried for long. But what is that which comes between two people when they are far from each other, is it the long distance which really causes blocks. Is it true that long distance is inversely propotional to Love. I think it’s not the distance which creates blocks but it is we who at different places have different surroundings and we have to live social life in there. We have to do the duty towards the surroundings we live in and at the same time we do not want our partner to change anything between us.

I’m waiting for him to come from office party, I have so many things to tell but after all exertion of party he is very tired and goes to bed. What do I do now, and my phone is again seeing and begging me so that it is not thrown once again.

If this is repeated we think, things are not working out and the relationship weakens. Who is wrong here,

The distance – No, we ourselves chose distance to come in and the prudent decision was taken by both of us

The surroundings – No, we still love each other so much that we are each other’s life and we are not distracted by the surroundings.

Lack of Understanding – No, i understand, he is not changed and I have no doubt of that, I would never restrict him and we have given each other this freedom, we understand the thin line between possessiveness and over possessiveness

Then why is it I want to fight and argue, Not because I’m angry that he has not talked to me but his time which was supposed to be mine was spent at some other place. I’m not angry but I’m confused., which is very evident in my writing.

Is this really a side effect of log distance that my mind has started playing games and because of that I’m arguing. But this has not decreased my love. I will fight with him next day, I will get gift in return. But long distance has definitely not caused any difference. It just requires patience and communication. The more you talk to each other, shorter will the distance be between you. So, pick up phone and do not blame The Long Distance!!


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