First First…

My first blog islike my first step to school, first step on stage, first step in class, first step in my own birthday party, first step to make friendship, first step to apologize, first step to avoid, first step to college, first step to city unknown, first step in office, first step in relationship, first step sometimes unknown.

I have always been so cautious on my first step, though that caution doesnot always help me to give enough confidence. I have always been so timid that i try to avoid those steps which are usually so called ‘first’ and wait for the final push to start something new.

But then what made me to take up this first step. Actually, I made this blog to make fun of someone and that was the push for me. Then I’ m writing this, though not sure what to write, rather I should say blabber.

But finally m happy that my this first is also over and I have to face one less first which is waiting to come in life.


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